The Catholic Girl’s Friday Picks: Grad School Woes, Crazy Hair Color, Imposter Syndrome Anyone?


1. Irene Kim: The Unicorn-Haired Goddess

Of course I’m putting the most useless and silly thing at the top of my list. But I can’t help it! I’ve been obsessing over crazy hair color all week. At this point it is highly doubtful I will dye my hair like Irene Kim, but I can deeply admire the amazing beauty of her magical goddess hair…However if I do decide to go into a quarter-life crisis (totally probable) I’ll post pictures of my neon pink hair. Track my most recent color obsessions on my Hair Pinterest board…you know you want to.

2. Rosary Novenas to Our Lady booklet

I only encountered this booklet just last night at my women’s Bible study group. We prayed the rosary together and my friend who leads it has this booklet. I really enjoyed the meditations on the mysteries and it also has some beautiful illustrations. You can order it right through Amazon. My mind is guaranteed to wander when I pray the rosary. Having a guide always keeps me focused, especially if it has lovely devotional artwork. Check it out!

3. Owl - Online Writing Lab from Purdue, your guide to APA formatting

Yeah…if you don’t want to die in grad school consider OWL your new best friend. If you are considering graduate school and you have never written in APA format before (like someone…ahem), then give this page a look. It will save your life and will become your new best friend that tells you, “I told you so” when your professor rips up your paper for formatting errors.

4. This Verily Article About Women and Career Success

For all those young, up and coming women in the career field this is a good article to read. Be confident in your skills. You are totally capable. You got this! I’m saying this even though I’m one of the people who struggles the most with this idea of “selling myself” and “faking it till I make it”. But apparently there is a thing called imposter syndrome, attributing your successes to luck. Read this article, also this fascinating Wikipedia bit about imposter syndrome.

5. Saint Katharine Drexel

I’ve been interested in Saint Katherine Drexel for a while. After I heard her story in the Catholicism Project documentary series, I’ve always kept her close to my heart as a saint I deeply admire. She is a 19th century American heiress from Philly. She used her family’s great wealth to open schools for African Americans, Native Americans and even founded a University in New Orleans. Though often criticized and threatened by segregationists, she persevered even after having one of her schools burned down in Philadelphia. Pretty much she is super cool and amazing. Saint Katharine Drexel, pray for us!

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Edith Sitwell

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-Maya Angelou (via ptrnsnt)